Companies and Schools

Arrange a unique and interactive experience for your team members!
Whether as a company that wants to entertain guests or want to make a great event for the employees. But also perfect for school trips and excursions. Surprise yourself with something extraordinary.
People create lasting bonds when they work together towards a challenge. What better way to create shared experiences than on a Quest through an interesting city, full of fun trivia, hidden places and a competitive edge.
Equipped with our quest, participants can work together to solve all the tasks.

Book the Quest and off you go!

No need to wait for a guide, no complicated instructions to follow.
Any budget-conscious group keen for an informal and fun event will have a great time on ou Quest.

The City Quest is perfect for:

  • Corporate team building and company events
  • School excursions and educational groups
  • Special events such as birthday parties, hens/bucks days or anniversaries
  • Community groups looking for a unique activity for members


Plan for approximately 1,5-3 hours for the Quest itself, depending on the speed of the teams.


The City Quest costs 29€ (incl. VAT) for a group up to 6 players.

Benefits of City Quest Group Experiences:

  • Opportunity to bond with others as a group in a social and informal setting.
  • Flexible start date & time works with your team’s schedule.
  • Problem solving and navigation promotes teamwork between participants.
  • The chance to recognise your team members’ strengths in an informal environment.
  • Nurture a positive culture by providing fun and interactive activities.