Just Escape Your City – City Quests

A whole new experience to discover cities by solving riddles on your phone on your own schedule.We recommend to start between 7am and 5pm. (depends on the season, in winter season till 3pm, so you can enjoy the adventure in daylight). With Just Escape Your City- City Quest you can explore the town on your own pace- take breaks, visit the sights, churches, museums, etc…Just enjoy your time.

Every solved riddle brings you to the next station and so you will visit beautiful sights and places and get also intersting facts about them.

Who can play?

Who can play

You are making your team from 2 till 8 players. This quest is just for you and your friends, family or colleagues. Find your team and you are ready to start.

How do you play?

How do you play

You don`t need to download an app. You just need a smartphone with a constant Connection tot he internet. If your battery will die during the quest, you can continue with another device from a team member.

Why a city quest?

Why City Quests

The City Quest is not about speed and genius riddles, it is about spending an awesome and interesting time with your friends and visiting some oft he best sights in the city. Tipp: Take your time, enjoy the city and visit the interesting museums, churches etc.

How to start?


Very simple. You order the Quest for the city you want. Then you will receive an Email with the starting point, some last instructions and the start button. When your team is gathered at the starting point, just press the start button and you will have 6 hours to finish the quest.

When can I play?

playing time

You can play the City Quest every day of the week. Everything will happen outside in the Old Town. We recommend to start between 8 AM and 5 PM, because some places or buildings could be closed in the evening.

Just Escape Austria – Escape Rooms

In addition to the City and Bar Quests, we run great escape rooms in Hall in Tirol.
More information can be found at www.justescape-austria.com

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