Terms and Conditions City Quest

  1. Bookings for City Quests are just online possible and have to be paid in advance by credit card or Paypal.
  2. We assume no liability in case of non-delivery of the contractual services, due to force majeure and events beyond our control.
  3. During the City Quest, we will not be liable for any kind of injury, theft, damage, loss or expenses of any kind.
  4. With the entry of the start code the team confirms, that they read, understood and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  5. All tasks are solvable from the sidewalk, without using the streets. Please be careful, because in case of accidents, Just Escape Austria will not be responsible.
  6. The device must be connected to the internet the whole time, to avoid errors.
  7. Should a place, building, street or similar, which is important for the Quest, not be accessible (construction, renovation, weather, etc) the teams can use the Cheat-Code, which is in the HELP menu to skip the task. These conditions are not within the influence of the organizer and therefore there are no compensation payments possible. We suggest of course the usage of the Cheat-Code just in case of emergency.
  8. City Quest is a virtual product and therefore, after booking and paying there is no possibility to refund the money.
  9. After entering the Start-Code, the team has 12 hours to complete the Quest. Should the team not be able to finish it within this time, the organizer is not responsible.
  10. Should there be any problems during the Quest, that cannot be done with the Cheat-Code, please contact the organizes asap, otherwise there is no chance for refund.
  11. Like it says in the email, the start should be between 7 AM and 4 PM (in daylight), otherwise it could be possible, that some buildings, squares, etc are closed. The organizer is NOT responsible for this case.
  12. Personal datas are NOT passed on the somebody else and are NOT used for commercial reasons.
  13. Entry fees to museums or other venues are NOT included.
  14. If the team or a team member causes damage throughout the Quest, the organizer Just Escape Austria cannot take legal responsibility, the team/member takes the responsibility.
  15. In case of an argument, it counts Austrian law and if it will be taken to court, it will be an Austrian court.
  16. All tasks and riddles are intellectual property of Just Escape Austria. If you pass them on, publish them online, etc we see that as a harm of our business secret and we will take it to court.