Terms and Conditions City Quest

  1. Bookings for the City Quest, Bar Quest and Gourmet Quest can only be made online and must be paid for in advance by credit card or PayPal. The terms and conditions apply to the City Quest, the Bar Quest and the Gourmet Quest. In the following only called QUEST.
  2. Just Escape Austria (hereinafter referred to as WIR) assumes no liability if we fail to provide the contractual service due to force majeure or events that are beyond our control.
  3. During the quest, we are not responsible for any injuries, thefts, damages, expenses or other costs incurred by the participants.
  4. All tasks can be solved without using the street, Just Escape Austria is NOT liable for accidents.
  5. By pressing the start button, the participants affirm that they have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions.
  6. The device used for the quest must have an internet connection at all times in order to avoid errors. It should also be fully charged.
  7. If a place, street, building or the like that is important for the quest is not accessible (construction site, renovation, weather conditions, etc.) the teams can use the cheat code given in the HELP section of the quest to skip this station. Since this is beyond the control of the organizer, no compensation payment can be requested for the skipped station. Of course, we recommend that you only use the cheat code in an emergency.
  8. Since this is a virtual product, there is no right of withdrawal or refund of the money after ordering or paying.
  9. After pressing the start button, the team has 12 hours to complete the City Quest. There are only 5 hours available for the Bar Quest. The Gourmet Quest can be completed in 4 hours. If the team does not make it within this time, the organizer cannot be prosecuted.
  10. If there are problems with the quest, the organizer will stand up after the evidence has been presented and will refund the purchase price in full or in an appropriate amount. Contact has to be made during the quest. In this case, evidence (screenshots, etc.) is absolutely required.
  11. As already mentioned in the mail, the City Quest should start between 7 am and 4 pm (in daylight), otherwise some buildings, squares etc. may be blocked. The organizer is NOT liable for this.
  12. The start of the Bar Quest is ONLY Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 5pm and 8pm. Otherwise the bars are closed! Starts after 8 p.m. have less time, as the quest ends at 1 a.m., as some bars may close then. So please always pay attention to the countdown.
  13. Personal data will NOT be passed on to third parties and will NOT be used for advertising purposes.
  14. Entrance fees in the museums or other places are not included.
  15. Bar Quest: Drinks, except for the 5 shots (one in each bar) are not included in the price and must be paid for separately by the participants.
  16. Gourmet Quest: Meals other than those ordered by the organizer are not included in the price and must be paid for separately by the participants. Likewise, NO drinks are included in the Gourmet Quest.
  17. CORONA: The current Corona rules or measures in the region at the start time always apply. With purchase, ALL participants of the quests take note of this. If entry into a location is denied due to a lack of documentation of the G status, Just Escape Austria cannot be prosecuted for it.
  18. Should participants be refused entry due to improper behavior, we cannot be held responsible for this. In this case, no remuneration can be made either.
  19. Should there be any allergic reactions to the food during the Gourmet Quest, we cannot be held responsible. If you have allergies, please inquire about the ingredients in the restaurant beforehand.
  20. The 5 welcome drinks are included in the Bar Quest. PLEASE USE ALCOHOL WITH CAUTION. We do NOT take any responsibility for accidents or similar in the course of the Bar Quest.
  21. Damage caused by the participants during the quest is the responsibility of the participant. Just Escape Austria assumes no liability.
  22. Austrian law applies in the event of a dispute. If there is no agreement in the event of a dispute, a court in Austria will be commissioned.
  23. Changes to the terms and conditions for games that have already been booked will be sent to the participants by email and they must accept this in writing, otherwise the game will be canceled and the amount paid back.
  24. All tasks and puzzles of the City Quest are the intellectual property of Just Escape Austria. If it is passed on to third parties, published or the like, it will be seen as a breach of business secrets and we will prosecute it.
  25. The terms and conditions in German and English apply.
  26. If fewer players than booked take part in the Bar Quest, this must be communicated at least 24 hours in advance by email to office@justescape-austria.com. If the difference is reimbursed, a processing fee of 10% of the total will be retained.
  27. Bookings made by children or persons subject to supervision cannot be canceled and the purchase price cannot be refunded.
  28. Cancellations are only accepted if they are made to the e-mail office@justescape-austria.com at least 72 hours before the start of the quest.
  29. The number of participants must not exceed the specified number for the City Quest. Even with the Bar Quest and Gourmet Quest, the number of registered and participating players must not differ.