FAQs City Quests

What is the City Quest all about?

The City Quest is a new possibility to explore a city without a guide, just with your phone. Each quest takes between 1.5 and 3 hours and includes 12 – 16 tasks on your way through the city. Every task involves an interesting place, that everybody should see. You will also get exciting facts about the city.

Why a city quest and not a guided city tour?

First of all, you are more flexible. You can start the quest at any time and any day in case the weather or your plans should change. You don’t have to stick with a tour schedule, you go when it suits you.
Second, you can do it at your own pace. With the quest you determine your day. Do you want to set a time record or take your time to visit museums, churches, etc., that’s up to you. It is also possible to have lunch breaks, go shopping or just let the city work its magic.
After pressing the start button you have 12 hours to complete the quest.
We love the flexibility of a quest and we are sure you will too.

Is the City Quest possible during the Covid pandemic?

Of course. Since the entire quest takes place outdoors and you are only traveling with your team. This makes the City Quest perfect for the current situation.
But please pay attention to the individual measures in your city.

Do I need to pick something up/ bring back?

No, you just need a charged Phone/tablet.
Our motto: Order and start!
If your battery runs out, just continue on another device.

How big should my team be?

Since you play on one device, we recommend a group size of 1 – 6 people. If you are more, then it’s best to play with 2 quests … maybe even make a friendly race out of them!

What does the quest cost?

The quest costs 29 € per group (1 – 6 players)

Who is the quest for?

For absolutely everyone. Whether an exciting family adventure with the children, puzzle foxes, fans of escape rooms, team building, tourists, locals, teambuilding events, school trips, the first date … there is something for everyone.

When can you play?

In theory, the quest can be played / started 24 hours a day. However, we recommend playing them in daylight so that you can see all the clues clearly.

Are the entrance fees for museums etc. included?

No. With the quest we will take you to beautiful places, interesting sights, museums or churches, which you can of course visit during the opening hours. The entrance fee is not included in the purchase price of the quest.

How far in advance do I have to book?

After ordering, you will receive the confirmation email within a few minutes, which contains the start button. Find yourself at the starting point and you can start immediately.
(In case you do not get the mail within a few minutes, please also check the spam folder. If its not there, contact us by mail.)

Can the quest expire?

No, it can not. Buy now and play in a few months … No problem.
After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email with some information and the START BUTTON within a few minutes.
The 12 hours only start after you have pressed it (ONLY AT THE STARTING POINT).
After the 12 hours have expired, the quest is no longer playable.

What do I have to bring?

Not much, these are our recommendations:

  • MUST HAVE: A charged smartphone / tablet with an internet connection
  • Weather-dependent clothing
  • Good shoes
  • Money, for a quick coffee break or the admission to a museum
  • Maybe something to drink or a small snack

Can children participate?

Absolutely! City Quest is great for families with children. A great experience in which children can act out their detective skills, learn a lot and have fun.

Can you do the quest with a stroller or wheelchair?

Most of our quests are pram and wheelchair friendly. For each city this point is stated separately whether it is possible.

Where is the start / end point?

You can find the starting points in the description of the respective city.
The endpoints will not be revealed in advance, but of course we won’t leave you standing somewhere.

Are the puzzles difficult?

That is of course very difficult to generalize, but we tried to find a good mix.
If you still get stuck somewhere, either a “HINT” or “SKIP STATION” are available. But it is important that you follow the description of the task exactly, then it can be solved.

How long is the quest?

This point is up to you. Do you want to run or enjoy the city? But about 1.5 – 3 hours.

What happens if a station is not accessible?

Of course that can also happen because a city “lives”. Markets, renovations, construction sites, events, etc. are on the agenda. For this reason we have built in a “cheat code”, should you actually have to skip a station. You can find this in the menu at the top left.

Is a quest also suitable for companies or schools?

Absolutely. What could be better for a team building event than visiting a great city, learning interesting facts, solving puzzles and increasing the team spirit!?
Schools also use this type of city tour for excursions, as the students can contribute themselves and thus do not get bored.

You can find more information under “Companies & Schools

FAQs Bar Quest

Why can you only start at certain times?

Each start time is a specific period to ensure that the bars are open. If you start too late, bars may already have curfew.

Why do you only have 5 hours?

Of course, you don’t have to go home after 5 hours. The 5 hours only ensure that you stay on the ball with the mission and that none of the bars have curfew.

Which bars are visited?

5 hand picked bars will be visited during the quest, but which one will of course not be revealed. Maybe you will find your new favorite bar!

What is included in the price?

The price includes 5 welcome drinks (one per bar). Also the opportunity to experience a great evening and save the world!

How is the exact procedure?

After booking (with the exact number of players) you will immediately receive a confirmation email with the start point and start button. Arrive at the starting point and start. After a puzzle has been solved, you will get the location of the first bar. There you have to enter a code to verify that you are in the right place. A little task in the bar and then show the phone to the bartender. He will serve your drink and then you have 20 minutes to take a short breather or drink break before moving on to the next bar.

Can the tasks be done when the blood alcohol level rises?

Of course, we have adjusted the tasks as the alcohol level increases and they become a little easier towards the end. There is also the option of hints or to skip the task.