Just Escape Your City – Bar Quests

1 team | 5 bars | 5 hours | 1 mission




You make your team from 2 till 8 players. All participants MUST BE over 18 years old.


How to play

You don`t need to download an app. You just need a smartphone with a constant Connection to the internet. If your battery will die during the quest, you can continue with another device from a team member.


Why Bar Quest

The Bar Quest is not about speed, it is about an awesome time going out in town. By solving fun riddles you will discover 5 bars and get your antidote there. But mainly it should be fun and maybe you will find your new favourite bar.

Each team member also gets a welcome drink in each bar.


Very simple

Very simple. You purchase the Bar Quest for the city you want. Then you will receive an Email with the starting point, some last instructions and the start button. When your team is gathered at the starting point, just press the start button and you will have 5 hours to finish the quest.


Playing time

The Bar Quest is just available to play on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The starting time is between 5.00 PM and 8.00 PM. Otherwise the bars will not be open.

Our current Bar Quests

Bar Quest Innsbruck story:

As Top agents from the secret organization X.C.A.P.E. you have been send to Innsbruck to find and arrest your former colleague. Agent X turned on X.C.A.P.E. and is threatening to poison the drinking water of Innsbruck. Your team already surrounded him, when he announced, that he already poisened you and your team. A few years ago you saved his life and therefore he gives you a last chance to find the antidote. You have no chance, than to join his perfidious plan and save Innsbruck at last. Just after solving his riddles, you can find the 5 locations of the antidote.

Good luck on your mission.

Just Escape Austria – Escape Rooms

In addition to the City and Bar Quests, we run great escape rooms in Hall in Tirol.
More information can be found at www.justescape-austria.com

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